Whale Watching Chaminda brings you the most comfortable and best

Whale Watching Mirissa


Whale Watching Mirissa with Chaminda is an excising tour of whale watching in the fascinating beach in Mirissa. Once you had a tour which near forget the in experience your life. Tour or whale watching in a marvelous sea is like no anything.

Whale Watching Mirissa with Chaminda offers you the most comfortable and the best tour whale watching with the well experienced crew. You will be offered the most comfortable and the best tour on Mirissa Whale Watching with well experienced crew. You can enjoy the wonder of the acoustic creatures such as whales, dolphins and turtles in Mirissa though the tour with Chaminda and team. The tour will take 3-5 hours. the breakfast and the all other refreshment will be provided on board. The tour will be satisfied became of the crew that has more their 5 years of experiences in whale watching in Mirissaif you travel to see, you will realize the differences between this and other whale watching tours.

The Largest Eco Friendly Whale Watching Cruise Boat in Mirissa

The vessel is well equipped, comfortable and luxury type with normal and fair charges. Although the vessel is high cleaver. The chargers are not high.you will feel no tiredness, no vibrations and no pain the tour will be so smooth and fantastic without vomiting problems and tired less the vessel has balanced with the good speed (550HP) and long (18 Meters).

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